Aahana Kumra का बिकीनी अवतार हुआ वायरल, बेहद बोल्ड अंदाज में आईं नजर

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बॉलीवुड एक्ट्रेस आहाना कुमरा (Aahana Kumra) जल्द ही विद्युत जामवाल के साथ ‘खुदा हाफिज’ नामक फिल्म में नजर आने वाली हैं. फिल्म में वह एक अरब एजेंट का किरदार निभाने वाली हैं. फिल्म में आहाना एक्शन करती नजर आएंगी, साथ ही वह हिजाब पहने अरबी में बात करती दिखेंगी. इसके अलावा वह एक और इंडी फिल्म ‘हाउ टू किल योर हसबैंड’ में भी नजर आएंगी, जिसकी शूटिंग पिछले साल ब्रिटेन में हुई है.

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Gratitude Post : 2 Last year, I had probably been through the worst illnesses! I was working round the year and the thought of even missing a day of work was out of question! In the midst of a hectic month I contracted dengue. While in the middle of shoot, I was running a temperature of 102 degrees and kept shooting till midnight before I wound up and went to the hospital to finally get my tests done. I tested postive for dengue at 4 am and was admitted into the hospital at 10 am. There's no medicine for dengue. I couldn't even swallow a sip of water for four days. A week later, I had drastically dropped 4 kilos and these photos are from another commercial shoot the day after I was discharged. I was out and shooting. The show must go on is the only truth in our profession! One must work, through everything. But the fact remains that many a times we neglect our health and in the long run it comes back and affects us adversely! With the turn of events in the world at the moment, we must not neglect our health at any cost and if that means sitting at home and doing nothing, we must find ways of being productive inside our houses! This is difficult but we must do this for our loved ones and ourselves! Put yourself first! I have learnt that through my mistakes!! Take care of yourself! Happy World Health Day to you all! 💪🙏❣️🌞🧿🧸 #Gratitude . . . . #worldhealthday #happyworldhealthday #health #strength #stayinside #StaySafe #StayPositive #staystrong #staysane #strong #stronggirls #stayhealthy #health #HealTheWorld #staylit #stayfit #StayHome #stayhomestaysafe #healthy #positivevibes #positivevibesonly #GratitudePost #thankyou

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